OVER 40 YEARS EXPERIENCE = PEACE OF MIND. Beef City is renowned for producing the highest eating quality beef, achieved by unparalleled animal welfare at one of only two integrated feedlot and processing facilities in Australia. The tender, juicy beef our customers rely on is achieved through a carefully managed process, from paddock to plate.

Beef City Black is renowned for its year round supply of marble score 1+ quality beef, with exceptional consistency and eating quality.


Since its inception, the quality of Beef City Black hasn’t faltered. At the forefront of export products, it is one of the fastest growing beef brands in Australia, rapidly expanding to new markets while maintaining product integrity.


Developed and refined for over 40 years and produced 51 weeks of the year, the success of this brand is driven by relationships. The passion for the Beef City Black brand is evident throughout the whole supply chain.


Our producers continue to refine their genetics, delivering cattle that perform consistently well. There is a regular supply of cattle from the prime grain and cattle producing region of the Darling Downs in South East Queensland.


Our livestock buyers maintain long term relationships with our producers, ensuring a constant supply of cattle for our programs. Agents personally oversee the transport of our cattle, ensuring a smooth transition for them.


Our cattle are purchased direct from the producer, they have not been through the sale yards. Fed for a minimum of 100 days on specially designed, nutritionally balanced feed, they then walk to the Beef City plant. One of only two fully integrated processing plants in Australia, cattle are cared for and calm, resulting in beef products with superior eating qualities.


Our people take pride in their craft, many staff have worked to produce Beef City products for over 20 years. The workmanship at the Beef City plant is often on show – customers from around the world visit the plant, marveling at the staff precision and passion, combining to create the reliable end product.


Our customers demand consistency, quality and flavour. When ordering Beef City Black they know they will receive products that meet the agreed specifications, every time.


Cultivating these relationships drives product refinement – proven to increase sales in restaurants.

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